This article discribes how you can share your data with SEGES.

How to share your data with SEGES:

To share data with SEGES, you must have created a MyAgroVision account (How to create a MyAgroVision account) and give access to share your data.

1. Go in to Pigmanager Everywhere click on exchange, MyAgroVision and then settings.

2. Log in to MyAgroVision

3. When you are logged in, press the button next to SEGES so that it turns green.

4. Click the "i" icon to the left of SEGES to view the contents of the data exchange

5. Click on the "Permission details" box next to SEGES.

6. Activate both buttons to share data to SEGES Insight.

Activate the first button if you want to send data to project piglet mortality

Activate the second button if you want to send production data to project SoLiv.

7. Registration for the project also requires that the name needs to be created at SEGES. Contact SEGES customer center on tel. 70155015 or email, after which you will be contacted by SEGES. Write in the email the phone number you want to be contacted on.

8. Data is automatically sent to SEGES after completing this setup

The forwarded data will be published in anonymized form and contain e.g. the following information:

Daily growth

Waste feed days

Date limits on reports

Number of pigs produced


Data never contains (among other things):

Information on medication use

Information about financial conditions

Information at the individual level

personal Information


You can change whether data is to be sent to Seges at any time by changing the setting in MyAgroVision.