If you want to share data with Topigs Norsvin. You can setup this in MyAgroVision via permissions.

Description of Purpose data use 

• Pigs data 

• Topigs Norsvin Nederland 

• Purpose: the purpose is to collect the data so that Topigs Norsvin Nederland can analyse it to provide business guidance and thus support clients. Topigs Norsvin Nederland will also use the data for anonymized reference values and for benchmarking. 

• Topigs Norsvin Nederland will store the data indefinitely. 

• Topigs Norsvin Nederland will use the Pigs data only according to the purpose


How to share data

The farmer must login in to MyAgroVision and go to permissions in the left bottom of the screen, shown by the red arrow in the picture below.

The next step is to click on the plus icon and then choose what permission you want to share and which organization to share data with.

Select "AgroVision data exchange" and click "Next".

When ''AgroVision data exchange'' is not available to select, please contact and put your account in the message or contact your consultant of Topigs Norsvin.

Search for Topigs Norsvin and click on the logo, after that click on ''Next''

Click on the 5 different permissions so they will be look like below and then click on "Save".

When you have set these permissions, your data will be sent to Agrisyst so Topigs Norsvin could  You can always check and remove your permissions in here as well. 

Stop sharing data

If you want to remove the permissions, you must click on the data type button, marked with the red arrow. 

After you've clicked on the button it will ask for confirmation to stop sharing data. When you accept and the screen is refreshed the line is gone and data is not shared with the selected company anymore. 

If you don't have a MyAgroVision account or no data from your farm in MyAgroVision follow steps in the link below to set up your MyAgroVision account and get data in MyAgroVision. 

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