All information that is entered with Daily input group or Weekly input group, can be checked using the data validation. Data entry for, Herd entry, culling, death, mating, abortion, farrowing, foster, weaning and diseases and remarks. The checklists can be found in menu [1. Animal record] [5. Data validation] 


This report can be used to check data in the program. And it gives a fast overview from data present in the program about: 


  • Data entry = what was entered in a certain week 
  • Herd entry, culling, death  
  • Mating, abortion, farrowing, foster, weaning 
  • Diseases   and remarks










 Select the Animal category where the information should be shown from. 


  • Select the entry type
  • Select the start and final date where the information should be shown from. 
  • Select a relation or detailed (if no relation or detailed in selected, information of all relations and detailed is shown.) 



Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelseIf Data entry is selected, the following screen is shown: 


  • On this screen it is possible to select the action list week 

(from day / to day) 

  • Options can be used to view the input a certain part of the action lists.